Hi, pupil I just want to update my position to you that my organization had kept for me. It was on June 2021 that my organization had confirmed and chose me as an Assistant Membership, since they’d saw my good performance for what I’ve done in the previous years and this year too.

I’d joined this organization since August 2019 and at that time I was a fellow where I learn various activities but after a few months my Joint secretary Late Doctor Theodore Moallem and my Director jitendra Dkharsaw that I took a responsibility and my performance are better than the others. so, from the month of October they had chosen me as a Fellowship captain, since that time they had given me a duty to look after the fellows and I had been a captain for 1 year an a half. When I was a fellow I’ve experience a lot with various knowledges in technology, skill development, sharing thoughts and ideas and so on, not only in experience butt I had also Improved compare than before. I would like to thank my organization for promoting me, I will never forget my Joint secretary Late Doctor Theodore Moallem for he who had just passed away few months for he had guided me and taught me to be a leader go I will never forget to follow his footsteps. Lastly I also want to give a gratitude to his siblings for still continuing to support us through them we are able to continue our Organization.