Updated about the orphanage disable childrens in Umran Dairi building construction.

Here is the update about orphanage disability children in the village of Umran Dairi Ri Bhoi District:The youth group of this village got to start this house at this time, actually they should start it from two months ago, but due to circumstances like there are so many storms they couldn’t proceed and besides that the road also was damaged.The Blind Lead Trust had donated to orphanage disability house RS, 15100 to join hands together with other groups, we have joined hands with three groups Blind Lead, Seng Samla Umran Dairi and with one other group of choir (NRC) in order to build the house for those disabled orphanage. Since then, they have lost their mother and they live with a small house along with their father which is not safe if the storm blows.We as a small organization are trying so hard on how we can solve the struggles of our friends’ disabilities, but actually we do focus on the visually impaired. We also thanked other groups who had helped and joined us like Village Organization and others.We really request to others organizations, companies, and individual to donate to our organization so that we can support to many blind people who are really in needs, there are so many visually impaired who is double struggling everyday in their life like some of them are harassment, abusing and torture especially in the villages the people are not understanding about disabilities. But there are some villages who are really helpful for the persons with disability, like Umran Dairi and others. Also there are so many blind people who don’t get the opportunity and lose their hopes for their lives, but when the blind lead the blinds so that they can choose their own paths. This is very important to each and everyone of visual impairment.

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