Update About the ATMS Talking for the blind people in Shillong.

The Blind Lead Trust are happy to announce to you Regarding the Talking ATMs Project for the visually impaired on 1st June 2022, we’ve started this project to survey and explore the ATMs whether these machines have the talking software which can be more accessible to visually impaired or not . The area that we began to survey is in ten Areas in Shillong , East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya. The areas that we focus on are near schools, colleges, hospitals, markets, offices. In every ATMs we found that there was an Audio Jack on them and at the right side of the Audio Jack there was a button to press in order to increase and decrease the volume but at present no software can function in some ATMs. Through this survey we found that some ATMs had a touchscreen and some were having a button on the left side and right side of the ATMs, also some ATMs were having a Braille which were labeled on the surface of the ATM .The visually impaired instead use only the keypad to do the transactions on the ATM. The services that are available on the talking software are cash withdrawal , Change pin and Balance Enquiry. There are some services that do not function properly but we encourage the Visually Impaired to use ATMs and not to forget to carry earphones to secure their own privacy. The services that are available for the sighted people are more than three services. We hope that we would be able to continue this subject as we’d focus on every headquarter of the District in Meghalaya after we receive the sanction from the government as the chief minister Shri. Conrad Sangma had promised us to help with this project.

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