Krishna Phawa Started a Small Business.

After the blind lead trust has conducted the broom training for one week from the year 2021.

So, Krishna Phawa had started by himself in his own house to begin with the same thing as a small business.

Krishna who is one of our trustees and he is totally Blind.

Of course he was a part of our organization but he was a good example to other visually impaired people, especially for our fellows who are trained they should be able to do this same opportunity. 

All of those who are involved in the training kindly start your own dreams like Krishna did, it will be very helpful to you to live independently!

It’s a good time for you to begin by this time so that you can get the brooms at the low cost.

We also in our organization need to find out related to the blind training about the Brooms, the training for one week by Shri. Kelvin Suting before we feel that we are not able to say we are 100% complete about it.

But we are happy to have this training it’s really help to all of us 

We wish our trainees to have a bright future. There were other visually impaired people also who were doing the same business with the Vrooms before us and they succeeded.

Just from the beginning for Mr. Krishna but he got 2000 rupees benefit from 30 KG, he said.

We from our organization also want to do this business so that we can start to launch the income of the organization so that we can continue for our activities of the Trust and we already began but as of now we don’t have enough of place in order to stock the Brooms because we are only in the rented house, at the same time the owner of the where we stayed he do not allowed us to start any kind of business in his building as he has said to me.    Not just that what we really aim to do we really also need to expand the training for other visually impaired who are underprivileged and don’t get the opportunity since they are born. We saw that as of now this is the business that the visually impaired people love to do and possible for them especially for those who have not studied since they were children.

From the organization we do want to make as a larger supply to the society and at the same time to create the opportunities to visual impairment for those who really aim to start their own business for their future so that they can stand on their own feet. But during this time it’s really difficult for us to continue for this business and Training, otherwise we really love to do it. We will find out the way when we can start again with the new plan.

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