Blind Lead Fellow. Rickyson Malniang.

Rickyson Malngiang is a resident of lummawbah East khasi hills district.He came from a low economic background and did not get the opportunity to learn During the past he feel very upset because he want to learnt but then in April 2021 he join Blind Lead Trust Shillong and now he can spoke English and he can understand. He can learn computer, android phone and more. He is a very good student and as well an active listener where he can learn very well. In his future he want to work for the development of the Visually Impaired by teaching them as the same in computer. We the organisation we want to appreciate Ricky Malngiang and hopefully his career will reach to the particular goal.For your support and contribution to our organization please donate us inhttp://impactguru.com/s/m4zCnm or email us at jitendra@localhost

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