Heiyobitmi Dhar Blind Lead Fellow.

we also used to call her nickname as Iba. Iba she is from West Jaintia Hills District State of Meghalaya.

when she was at home her family they don’t want her to go to anywhere, she said to us. she was always at home.

on the beginning before we advertise to her about the Blind Lead and what is the service of it she was very interested to join but her mother don’t let Iba to go to the blind lead to get training but Iba she want education and want to join Blind Lead Trust Shillong

so, Iba asked to one of our trustee named Ms. Iahun Nongsiej to make Iba’s mother to understand and to let her join the training.

so then Iba’s mother she asked Ms. Iahun Nongsiej to takecare of her and allowed Iba to come to stay in the organisation

so, after that Iba join the training in Blind lead organization and make every one proud as she learn very much
Actually Iba before she joined with us she don’t know anything until we taught her everything how she is right now as you see what is her explained in this her video.

There are many visually impaired in around north eastern state who did not get the opportunity to educate due to discrimination of caste,gender and equality

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