Lucy Lamare. Blind Lead Fellow.

Lucy Lamare she is from Bisnapur Assam State. and now two years and a half she has been in Blind Lead she was improved what ever she never done when she was at home! and she is very happy to be here as a trainee, she said. she also add that she feels very lacky to join in this organisation because she feel more comfortable than here her family, she said too. Lucy she lost her mother and her father since she was a child and it was taken care of her by some one else like mother Teresa and Blind Lead can counselling her. and then now she knows better how to taken care of her own life. but before that she was state with her mother sister they always told her she Must sit at home an she must not order anything from them because she is blindness an she cannot do anything then she should not want such as other person. during that time she was always sad inside because she looks hope.

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