Blind Lead requested for donations

Help Blind Lead Trust to Raise funds for Persons with Disabilities Blind lead trust is an organization which deals with the visually impaired this organization has been set up by a group of blind people along with one sighted person who is the late Dr. Theodore Moallem. It has been registered as a trust on 24/06/2018 . The organization has looking forward to develop and to provide training for the needs of the welfare of visually impaired like Computer Training, Android Phone Training, Skill Development, Counselling and various type of programs In this pandemic there are many rods and cons that the visually impaired face like stress, their livelihood and financial status It’s very important for all the blind people to experience by themselves related to their issues and futures so that they can understand and to work out on how to solve our problems, ac… Read More: http://impactguru.com/s/PopSca Donate Here: http://impactguru.com/s/jCYgye

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