Donation Received from Young Blind Girl, (15 years old!).

Since one month we the Blind Lead we’ve got the money donated from one young Blind Girl from Nagaland and who is 15 years old!

this Girl she is study at Jyoti Sroat School and her ambition is to help Blind to Blind People! she also very confident, and it’s very good example to other Visual Impairment especially for the Blind Women to come forward and co-operate for the best of the society of Visual Impairment in future or at the present!

so, we from the Blind Lead Team we gave a very great thanks for this Young Girl and we hope you will encourage to other and to your friends to kindly donate to the Blind Lead so that we can proceed to work for the welfare of all of Visual Impairment.

at the same time we would like to request to all the Citizens of India to kindly support and lend your helping hand by donating to our Trust who is working for the Welfare, Development, Protection and to Empowerment for the Visually Impaired. especially during this Pandemic Crisis! if you do it will help us a lot and it means you are trying to save the life of the Blind People and really appreciate by them.

therefore, in order to do that please don’t hesitate to contact us at
+91 8787575205.
and email us at

also you can help us by sharing to all of your friends!

thanking you,
with best regards.

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