Critical Advising on the Protection and Safety of Visually Impaired people during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdowns

Dear pupil,
We from the Trust we would like to announce that we’ve submitted the advising letter to the Government of Meghalaya, on the 16/06/2021, regarding with how to protect and to assist the Visual Handicap People.

so, we’ve submitted the letter through online to the Minister of Social Welfare Department (Kyrmen Shylla,) State Resource Center (SRC) and Commissioner of Person With Disability (CPWD) after the lockdown we will submit the Hard Copy through offline.

We knew that the Government of Meghalaya had really worked so hard in order to safe and to assist for the Citizens of the State of Meghalaya!
but who are struggling more during this Pandemic Crisis!?
it’s blind people.
because blind people had already struggled even if there is no COVID-19!

We from the team of Blind Lead Trust Organization have been working so hard to write this letter and we put so much of pressure on it, at the same time we did some research related with the difficulties that the Visual Handicap faced during this Pandemic Crisis.

so, we found that the differently abled people are struggling so much even in the urban area and rural area, because they have no jobs and due to that they are not independent by themselves!

therefore, most of the differently abled especially the Visual Impairment are being discriminate and they do not treat equally by some one else.

so, we as the blind organization we truly understood the difficulties, accessible and the needs of the Visual Handicap no one rather then us can understand our problems and needs.

therefore, once again we beg the government to kindly pay attention related with the needs of the Visual Impairment Citizens of Meghalaya.
We hope that the government will except and concern after the welfare of the Visually Impaired, if they really do it will appreciate by a lot of differently abled people.

as per the notice that the government has launched on the 2020 that they invited any NGOs to co-operate with the government through the Social Welfare Department related on how to solve the Differently Abled People.
So, We from the Blind Lead NGO are ready to co-operate with the government.

thanking you
with best regards.

Jitendra Dkhar,
Director of Blind Lead Trust Organization and along with all the Trustees.

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