looking for help.

Dear friends,
we from the Blind Lead we are looking for people or company who is can help us with free to design the website.
as you see now we have a simple website. so, we wanted to make it to the official website like other organization website!
we really need to do this! because we want website of our organization should be nice and correct manner.

But in term to do that we don’t have much of money to pay for the web developer or company whose doing about web developing.
we are just a small organization as of now, but we really wanted to move forward related to development for the needs of visual impairment in technology like computer and android phone design for the needs of visually impaired plus others!

So then, we from the organization we request if any who can help us to do with this we really appreciate their time or support us.

but one thing that we would like to mention here for everyone is, we request them to co-operate with the accessible of all visually impaired user when they design the website for us.
that’s what we want!

so, if any friend who can compassion or concern for the blind develop and also who want to support the future of blind people, once again we beg them to contribution for us.

here is my contact list,
+91 8787575205.

if any who can help to share this our organization request, that’s also we thanks them so much!

thank you.

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