Blind People Learning Maths?

Dear Pupil
I would like to tell you that how we the visually impaired people study for the math:

1. we have to know that things we called Taylor frame and Types at first, it is compulsory to every visually impaired to know for it if they need to do for math subject even for those who want to start their own business cause if they don’t know how to calculate then how do they know for their profit and their lost. In study or schools of visually impaired they always have Taylor frame and types, which means that all the students have to do and get to touch for it.

So then, we also we need to learn it.

so, through of this kind of thing it will helps us to calculating all types of the calculation even plus, minus, multiplication, division and other types of calculation.

These type of things are made special for the visually impaired people to study for the math subject. Every blind people in the world we use these type of things related with the math

so, myself also I got to learned in this previous days through guidance of Wompher and Gloria they taught me a lot of this calculating system;
so, in this process we did is like this.
wompher taught me how I can understanding for the calculate process
for example what is the step to calculate the process of plus, minus, multiplication and division.
at the same time how to get all in ones the total amount or calculate.

Gloria she taught me how do I know for the sign of numbers and sign of symbols also how to put it in the correct line with the Taylor frame and types that all the blind people use to study related with the math!

so, it is very interested for me to learned!
and I will learn from time to time through the helper of this guys and then I will also easy to teach other blind people from the villages who is like me do not get the opportunities to study since childhood.

this guys Wompher and Gloria they are both graduate, wompher he is already complete his graduate and Gloria she is still proceed ahead her graduate.

I feel it’s really got the benefit for me to learn about this.

so, I give a big thanks for both of them!

I also encourage to other visually impaired please feel free to contact us and come forward to learn about it for those who do not get the opportunity we will teach you together as we do to succeed for your future.

We also would like to co-operate for the best and accessible of all of blind people towards north east of India so that we can get at least one institute which is will train for the visually impaired in very accessible ways for us and look over of the issues that face by blind people and we want to try to solve from our self with the support of friends, family and society because we only from our self can understand for the problems that we face related with everything about us. 

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