My reviewing on the Samsung galaxy A 20

Hi folks I just want to review about my phone Samsung galaxy a 20 that my joint secretary had given to me on the 9th of Jun.
It was a very great thing to share with you all that this is my first time that I got to have a Samsung phone in my hand and I got to explore a lot of things.
According to me as I compare my Samsung phone with the others I feel that it is very accessible especially for the visually impaired people, the best thing which I found is about the camera.
e.g. when we switch the camera button before we click a photo it tells us whether the camera has directly pointed the face of the person or not, also it explains us according to how many persons are there. The next one which I like is about the battery it last for one day and one night and I can use it with out charging for twice or thrice a day, also it has its original software which is called the voice assistant which is helpful for the blind and the low vision to read what ever they touch on the screen. A Samsung phone also has the best storage from the other phones when the ram is 2 gigabytes the rom is 32 gigabytes also if the ram is 4 gigabytes the rom contains 64 gigabytes but in the other phones if the RAM is to gigabytes it has only 16 gigabytes of Rome and if the RAM is 4 gigabytes it has 32 gigabytes of Rom, the Samsung phone also can support the talkback nicely and it never hangs like the other phones it also supports the biggest apps which we want to download from Play Store when we download or upload any thing it works super compares to the other phones.
So these are the great things which I found on the Samsung phone as for now and I will keep on reviewing after exploring it, so with this I will keep on updating my reviews about the Samsung phone.
I would like to thank my joint secretary for giving me this phone and I feel very great full because with the help of him I got to explore my phone also it makes my work to be done successfully in everything.

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