New chartered accountant.

Hi friends,
I would like to appeal to all of you too help Blind Lead Trust NGO to find a chartered accountant (CA) for the organization.

Can you please help us to find a chartered accountant who can help us *quickly* to register for the 12A and 80G tax exemption for donations. We need a CA who will really show respect for Blind people, who will treat us professionally. Already we have lost much time (and we lost donation money!) because the last CA did not take us seriously. BLT is very serious, and our work is very important for supporting young blind people. We must have the tax exemptions (12A and 80G) to complete our “non-profit status”. Really we have now lost many donations, which we could not accept because previous CA did not seriously work to complete these formalities.
Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Jitendra Dkhar

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