My ideas with my organisation on water .harvesting

Hi people, I just want to update to you all with the work that I had done together with my organization .
It was on the 3rd of April on Wednesday that we are searching the ideas how to harvest water from the rain, cause we have shortage of water so we are working together as a team and we are cooperating with each other, it was a very interesting experimentation so when the rain comes our joint secretary he suggested us with a good expriment to keep a small bottle with one litre to count in a second and how much water does the bottle get to contain from the rain all of us shared our own ideas and our director he showed us how the conditions of the place how we can imagine acording to the point so that the water will come dirrectly to our house, it was an amazing time to do do that experiment so we are still continuing with the test and researches so I will come with the update I any work that we will do.

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