Visually impaired person using Google Docs and Google Sheets Apps.

My experience and my teams about this two apps, so we are not happy with it.   [Note: We use TalkBack in Android OS and NVDA screenreader in Windows OS]

First with the Google Docs not full accessible for us visually impaired people’ to used it, because there is three problems. 1. It’s quiet when we typing, for example if we used to text with the website, WhatsApp, Messages) it’s pronounced the word after we typing then we hit space so it will pronounced the word. But in Docs App is not happening like that, just quiet not say anything. 2. It’s quiet also if we deleted if any part are missing of spelling. 3. It’s quiet once we release the finger from the screen keyboard, it’s doesn’t saying if we released A or B and C also others. These are made us very much confusing and a big problem, I have tested with my trusty and fellows) they are very very confusing of it even they thinking is not working because the Docs are silently. Of course we can used by swyping up and down with one finger to get words, character and paragraph) but that will help us to Read the documents and messages, it will not help us us for typing! This is happening with Android phones. We avoid from the jamble the letter if we using paragraph and words. For both apps Docs and Sheets, once I used with the desktop and Labtup it’s always said (screen reader is not supported) I don’t know what is the reasonable! If anyone knew please help me about that.

Google sheets I’m happy to recommendations it’s accessible to used it even desktop or android smartphone. To find out the accessibility settings, go to the mor option or main menu then Swype or scroll up you will see accessibility settings then hit on that so you can choose any options from there that you need. But you have to adjust your finger or brain, because there are small small sel and Kollam. Swype left and right with two fingers to get next or previous Kollam. To create a new spreadsheet just touch at the bodam of right side, then you will heard the option said create new spreadsheet so hit on that. Screw up if you want to go like column1 a1. A2. Or Kollam2 b1. B2. B3. And etc.

Thanks for everyone please comments if any kind of ideas or thoughts. ????

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