My experiencing about the short cut keys of the Android talkback.

Hi once again I just want to share with you all that I am so excited in these four days back I got a good knowledge for the good advantage of my life.
It was under the leadership of my director that I am able to learnt some short cut keys of the Android talkback, first I never know that there are some short cut keys of the Android talkback but withe the help of my director I am able to learnt some short cut keys.
When I swipe up right, like an L. Shape it says Local contex main you and are some options in the menu and I swipe down right also I got lots of options to coppy, to repeat last entrance, read from top , read from next item, copy clipboard, the most important matter I am really interested is that options to read from top so if I i tab on that read from top then and my phone will automatically read all the apps and if I want to double tab to apps that I want to go it will double tap that swiping up right is called global contacts menu, most interesting part is when I swipe left down it will dirrectly go to Home screen so I don’t need to go to a long process , there are so many short cut keys that I still have to learn more and more cause with the help of short cut keys it enables I iNeetu to do do my work faster so when I learn I will ikeep on updating more and more .
I want to thank my director for spending his time with me in helping me to develop the knowledge upon me regarding technology cause when I was in school most of the time I learnt only bookish knowledge so when I came to this organization I really know about Android phone and technologythank you. 

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