My first experimentation about the Google docs and Google sheets app .

.Hi pupil ! I just want to share with you all about what I had experiment in this previous days before about the Google sheets and the Google dox app, so in thes three days before that was on the 21st of april we the three of us were trying to test these two apps I myself my director and one of the trustee Kanai Depnath first we thought that it will not be accessible for us but as soon as our joint secretary give us the link about the Android accessibility editors we try to listen through the instructions which had been provided to us we were very happy to test this apps the Google docs is not that much accessible for uS cause it doesn’t pronounce the letters what we will type in keyboard but that also we atleast know how to make an edit box to enter in to the new document our director got some ideas and he shared to us and we know how to type a document .
In Google sheets we are very happy because we are able to write according to the column, like column a column in columns are there is a 1 till 24 and in the Colum b is b1 b24 if we know this we are able to write according to the plants that we had made so we will keep on updating interest works that we will try to do and we will keep on updating our works thank you.

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