My first experiencing in waiting hospital

Hi folks I just want to share with you all regarding my first experiences in waiting hospital the name of the hospital is nazareth hospital . Have you ever notice that the blind people also can wait in the hospital? I had come across with the experiences .
It was on the third of april in the midnight that I had took the responsability to help one blind woman named Santina Dorphang she was having a 7 months baby she had and opindix in the stomach and she had to do her surgery so it was a very difficult task for her cause she had to face a lot of problems due to the lockdown her parents could not come and no one could take care of her baby while she was under the surgery ,but hopefully I my self and my friend named Iba Dhar we took care of her and her baby as much as we can cause we both of us also we are a visually impaired but yet we don’t loose hope we know we that we are able to do, it was an amaizing time for me and my friend because we got to learn new new things and new experiences it was a private hospital in Shillong city in Laitumkhrah the nurses and the doctors were taking a good care when the drip is finish they help to have a look and when ever we need them they are ready to come if we press the bell also we stayed 3 days in the hospital when we stay there we learn about how to be able to speak to the doctors and nurses we also learn different types of medicine, so I encourage to all my young visually impaired friends if you have any task to do especially the hard ones they should try to overcome them and they should not let their life get down .

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  1. Abhinav Dey says:

    Hi Bandwina!
    How are you all doing in BLT?
    How are Santina and her children doing now?
    Would love to listen to more of your experiences!

    Best wishes,

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