Google docx App for Android phones accessible.

I would like to tell the world about the Google docx App for Android phones, is not accessible so much for us visually impaired people’. I have been tested it with my phone , I used lava z 60 Android is 8.0 the accessibility version of it) is 6.0. so the problem of the App it’s jamble the letter when I wrote in my phone, and quite doesn’t tell me when I wrote the alphabet if I released my finger from the keyboard, also difficulty to delete if I missing something to writing, and other.

But we will explore with it as well as we can in the BLT, I think there is no tutorials commands shortcut keys for NVDA or accessibilities but I’m not sure.I just wanted to tell that how about Nokia 8.1? I have experience in the shop store so I saw the TalkBack accessibility version is 8.1 and Android version is 9 but we can update both if new version are available, I really interested to use it) but I don’t have enough money to buy it’s very expensive. Most of the time Samsung A:10 is good enough for us visually impaired people’ to used, but I don’t know how is work of this status of phones future) am not sure how to tell you exactly my dear friends.

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