Send Photos to Visually impaired people’.

Announcements for everyone, by Director Of Blind Lead Trust Organization. Mr Jitendra Dkhar.

So we the visual impairments we would like to tell the world, if anyone needs to send us a photograph please understand that) you need to write the description or prescription. There is the option below that show you at the bottom of the photos or videos call caption, and then hid on that) then start to put the description for example what kind of photos or videos is that. It can be a letter, or man and woman, dogs, cat, lion, notice letter , documents, and so many other things that we needs. It’s depend on your own choice which thing do you want to send.

So by doing this is to helping us visually impaired person to accessible for us, so that we can be indipendently by own self to know as the topic) please respect that.

I hope that is clear. Thank you.

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