Teaching Android phone out side of BLT Organization.

On the 24 of March 2020. I have thought one of my friend visually impaired person, his Named Waiki Snaitang he stayed in Jaiaw Shillong) but he studied in the Bethany Society and he is 20 years old.

So I thought him about Android phone through the telephone only, he is not fellow of BLT but my gold to helping for all my young visually impaired people’. And I encourage them how do we lead by own self for the future.

I thought him through his questions. Like how do he know to search on the Facebook page for the things that he needs to find out, and also how to join group, and explain him about how is work, and how to search the URL in the Chrome, and plus how to create the simple Channel on the YouTube. He is very interested and he is very happy, also he said he will ask me more after he learns this in mind, and plus he will encourage to other friends young visually impaired people’. So I also empowerment to all friends visually impaired people’ and all disabilities to come forword and let working together. 

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