my learning about the 3 d printer

Hi friends I just want to share with you all about my learning about the 3 d printer , yesterday on the 25th of march it was my first time that i got to explore with the 3 d printer with my all friends by the advising of my joint secretary he explains us about all the things which includes in the 3 d printer also it has been advice that before we start the work we should understand first completely about it and then we can start .

When I came to joint this organization I got to explore by myself about the electronic things before that I was very scared only to touch but now when I know the circumstances it sound so interested to learnt , so yesterday also it was a good time for me to learnt  I got to touch all the parts of the 3 d printer the Spatula , the switch box, the machine which can melt the plastic, the plastic filament, the miwe habe organise it half but we habem’t ni screws, the big screws, the long plastic wire, the table, the clips, the controler, under the controller  was a buzzer which give a beeb sound and many  more we haven’t complete yet we organise only little bit, but we learnt alot.

We the visually impaired people if we want to have the right of our own we should not let others say that we are unable to do any work we should lift up every thing in a successful way.

I request to all my visually impaired friends if you have any talent or any things don’t loose hope cause you are able to do it, I would like to thank my organization that it gives me a chance to to learnt different things around the world, I also like to thank my joint secretary for giving a good explaination and had tautht me about some electronic materials.

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