Experience with the traffic police in Shillong.

Just few days ago we have got the experience with the traffic police from Jingkieng to PB.

First of all, we are three people with the two wheelers) and two persons is totally blind. That is my self, and Krishna) plus Wompher who is my assistant. So Krishna and I we plan to go and buying the Suits to prepare to Attend for the Lympung of the Seng Khasi) that’ is the real religion of Khasi, and Jaintia, plus other of people who are basically in Meghalaya. We Already know that the police will not aloud three capacity with the two wheelers, but I want to see how is the traffic police in Shillong will respectfully for the visually impaired person. So then we start to ask the permission from Jingkieng, and then that homeguard starting to look to us from the beginning) then when we explain to him he understand, but he need to ask permission from his in-charge because he is afraid to give us a permission as we request him. His in-charge won’t let him to give us the permission to do like that, and then he start to advise for us to take a car for one person and two of us can follow that car from the behind. But I do not except his advice also I told him we will difficulty if we do like that because it need to go quickly and come back, so he told us to go but we need to confirm in every traffic police instead of his duety) then I except that also we do exactly like he told us. So then in the morning when we go, in every traffic police they respectfully for us as we request) there is no objection so we thanks them.

Then when we went to the market, it’s difficult to get a suits as we are compatible and opinions) so then we come late. In the evening we come back we thought we don’t need to talk to them any more, because we already did before we go. But they are changing the duety in Dhanketi, then that guy in Dhankheti he report us. Then the traffic police in fire brigade when they see us and whole or taking us to the side and he take also the key from Wompher so during that time we trying to communicate with him. So first he is talking route for us, he told us we are over for the system working and we told him not everyday we will go like this just Kapoor of the time. I ask his named he cannot tell me his named, he told me if I need to know his named we need to go to the police station, even I told him because we are blind that’s why we want to know your name. But he won’t let us know, I think every colleague of government are afraid to tell their named for the blind people. But I don’t understand what is the reasonable.

So I’m doing this is not I want to destroy anything’s, this is because I want to get the experience and understanding it will difficult to change for Shillong or not. But still need to solve the issue of the blind people for their future. I just want to request for every young visually impaired person, if you find any kind of agenda please let us solve it together, also if you need emergency to go then you have to make a plan and be full confidence.


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