Practo app appointment online doctor in Shillong.

I want to tell to all my visually impaired person, one thing I found its very interesting for you. Do you know? Now we are indipendently in the world, through the technology) so we need to learn more improvement for it. Everyone of us we can try to use the Practo App, my self I already have experience it was great App to booking appointment doctor online in Shillong, and other located through of this App. I went in their Hope clinic and they giving me Medasin for fifteen days also they did me the tested Skin test, and blood test. Now I’m fine, they ask me to come back) but I didn’t go yet because I’m afraid it’s very expensive. It is very accessible for me, so if you use it please let me know how do you found it. Actually the doctor in this clinic they are nice, but I didn’t meet their Boss ( as I have checked his details from his App Practo he is president of diabetes association also you can see his named with the App only.

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