CORONA VIRUS Preparation Activities COVID19

Since 2 weeks before we the office of Blind Lead Trust we already have a plan to prepare for the prevention of Corona Virus through the help of Dr. Ted Moallem. We have taught to all the fellows and staff of BLT office(BLT family).
On the 4th March 2020, we the BLT office we have a workshop on how to learn so that we will be free from the bacteria, virus infection especially form Corona Virus, etc. We the Blind people we have got an excellent of teaching scale on how to prevent this virus in an accessible way.
This workshop has been leaded by Dr.Ted Moallem followed by the Dir. of Blind Lead Trust.
The Rules and Assumption that has been given to the blind people are as fellows:
i. The virus is already everywhere except in Lusy Lamare ( fellows of BLT).
ii. Nobody should touch Lusy’s face if their hand are dirty.
iii. children (Hakani Lyngdoh and Gratify Lyngdoh) are not allowed to enter
Lusy’s room
iv. Temperature should be measured for the children before they are going to school
v. The moment the children are sneeze, cough, etc they should not be allowed to enter the room (apartment).
Also the activity that has been given to the fellows are as fellows:
i. Tissue paper: we have learn how to used in a proper clean manner.
ii. Baby Wipes: in case if there is shortage of water we must used a baby wipes to clean our face, hand, etc.
iii. Hand wash: when their is water we should used hand wash to clean our hand (if we touch to anywhere)
iv. Hand Sanitizer: to kill the bacteria that present in our hand
v. Mask: to prevent so that it will not spread to others in case if we sneeze and cough.

These is the prevention that we the Blind Lead Trust had been shared,
Thank You.

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