personal learning with Rapido.

hi there. I would like to tell to everyone with the rapido. this is my first time to know about rapido, but my other friends they might be know for a long times because when I tryed to tell them, then one of us she already know about it who know it? Gloria she know it, from her friends they already used it before, but I don’t know what they experians. but I have tested it’s very good, I used to booking from BLT house to Nazareth Hospital, but we have to choose from which Plase to pickup address, and where to dropping address then hit that said request Rapido. then the captain who will driving the Scooty will call you, and ask you where you are then they will start to pickup you from the address that you have giving. it’s showing there even the named of the Scooty and Registration number also there is the option if you want to make a call to him. two times I have booking of it, I saw they are concern even I go together with my Daughter, so then I ask the captain so many questions then he answer all of my questions. so we are friendly with my first captain, either my second captain. the App is good, but is not so good because some of buttons is not telling me with the TalkBack version, but it’s doesn’t matter that buttons, because the important buttons is there. they doesn’t have office here in Shillong, as my first captain was told me. so blind people we are independent, but I want to encourage please dont forget to learn for Technology through of it we can billed the world. 

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