Basic shortcut keys of n v d a

How to crack nch wave for windows : extract wavepad.exe to where you was install it.

Keyboard shortcut :
open option ctrl+shift+o
paste ctrl+v
copy ctrl+c
cut ctrl+x
save ctrl+s
new tab ctrl+n
new window ctrl+shift+n
open file ctrl+o
create a new file idential to this file ctrl+d
copy the current selection into a new file ctrl+shift+c
paste mix ctrl+alt+v
repeat loop ctrl+shift+8
edit sample ctrl+i
show all menu alt
file alt+f
save file as ctrl+shift+s
close file ctrl+w
exit alt+f4
show command bar ctrl+shift+a
zoom in ctrl+shift+=
zoom to selection ctrl+shift+z
zoom full ctrl+shift+f
vertical zoom in ctrl+alt+shift+=
vertical zoom out ctrl+alt+num
vertical zoom default ctrl+shift+alt+f
set bookmark ctrl+b
open bookmark list ctrl+shift+b
add region ctrl+r
open region list ctrl+shift+r
navigate speech ctrl+shift+t
option ctrl+shift+o
alt+c control
in control still many 

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